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Thank you so much for visiting the website portfolio of Ciji, Indiana Licensed Cosmetologist! Ciji has been braiding hair for years, specifically since she was nine years old! Driven by her kids and guided by her faith, she gave her all every day in cosmetology school and saw herself soar to new heights she never knew she could! Ciji is a hard worker who always does her work efficiently, and does not settle for any work that isn't her absolute best. She is a team player who does her part to create a successful and comfortable environment for everyone, and when she gives her word, you can be sure that she will deliver on it. The integrity of your hair is key in her thought process. Ciji can create an array of innovative and unique hairstyles and uses an assortment of curl techniques without damaging the hair. Ciji puts her ego aside and shows her humility when dealing with men and women who have gone before her in the industry. She enjoys learning from them as mentors and add their experiences to her long list of life lessons to kick start her success. She prides herself on continuing her education through classes, magazines, and even the creditable internet sites to stay relevant in an ever-changing industry. Ciji also keeps in mind that history repeats itself, even in the ever-changing field of cosmetology, so maintaining her basic skills is an important feature to her. As for the future, Ciji aspires to become a member of the Hair Guru's Society. She is planning on introducing her new hairline called "New Me, New Life". Ciji adores being behind the chair, and would love to be your stylist!